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Shanghai Novamab Biology, the world's first inhaled nanobody enterprise, has completed a round B financing of more than 100 million yuan
On December 18,2023, Shanghai Novamab Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: "Company or Novamab") successfully completed completed a Series B financing of over 100 million CNY.
Progress of new drugs I The clinical trial of Novamab's inhaled TSLP nanoantibody drug LQ043H was approved by CDE
On January 6, 2023, the China National Drug Administration Drug Evaluation Center (CDE) announced that the application for clinical trial (IND) of LQ043H single-domain antibody aerosol, a core drug for the treatment of moderate and severe asthma of Shanghai Luoqi Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., was officially approved (Notice No.: 2023LP00043). This is also another nano-antibody drug for respiratory diseases that was approved in Phase I of China's clinical trial after LQ036 in 2022.
Annual Review I 2022 Wonderful Moments of Rocky Biology
In 2022, based on the clinical value orientation, Novamab will adhere to differential innovation. With the advantages of the core technology platform of nanoantibody, while focusing on the field of respiratory diseases, it will diversify its layout of high-potential markets such as autoimmunity, cancer, nuclear drugs, etc.
New drug progress I LQ036, the world's first inhaled nano-antibody drug for the treatment of moderate and severe asthma, has completed the administration of the first patient in China's clinical phase I!
On November 30, 2022, Shanghai Luoqi Bio-pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Luoqi Biotech") announced that its independently developed LQ036 (recombinant anti-IL-4Ra single-domain antibody aerosol), which has independent intellectual property rights, has completed the first phase I clinical study on asthma patients in China! LQ036 is the world's first innovative nano-antibody drug targeting IL-4R to enter clinical trials, and also the first new drug to enter clinical trials in Loqi Biological "Inhalation macromolecular drug R&D platform". In addition, LQ036 is carrying out Phase I clinical work in Australia
Scientific research force I The research results of Loki biological long-acting IL-5 nanoantibody were published in Research Research!
Recently, the long-acting IL5 nanoantibody developed by Loki Biology can be used to treat eosinophil-related diseases, including eosinophilic asthma (EOS-Asthma), hypereosinophilic syndrome (HES) and eosinophilic granulomatous vasculitis (EGPA). The relevant research results were published in the journal "Research Research", entitled "Preclinical development of a long-acting ternary biological nanobody targeting IL-5 for the treatment of eosinophilic astroma" (IF=7.162). The corresponding author of this article is Dr. Wan Yakun of Shanghai Novamab.
Novamab | Five years of joint efforts to start a new journey
Autumn is getting stronger and the enthusiasm is not decreasing. On October 16, on the occasion of the opening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it coincided with the fifth anniversary of Novamab. Novamab wished the motherland prosperity, prosperity and stability. At the same time, the fifth anniversary of Novamab was successfully held.
Good news I Rocky Biology won the support of Shanghai's 2022 annual innovation fund plan
Recently, the list of projects to be approved for the "Shanghai 2022 Technology Innovation Fund Plan for Small and Medium-sized Scientific and Technological Enterprises" organized by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Science and Technology has been publicized, and the project of "preclinical development of a new long-acting IL-5 nanoantibody drug for the treatment of severe asthma" of Loqi Biological has been shortlisted.
Good news I Luoqi Biological was listed in "Top 100 Chinese pharmaceutical innovative seed enterprises in 2022"
Recently, Luoqi Biologics, with its leading advantages in the field of nano-antibody innovative drugs, as well as its achievements in the construction of intellectual property system and the promotion of clinical pipelines, has been listed in the "Top 100 Chinese pharmaceutical innovative seed enterprises". The list was selected by the world's leading life science professional information service provider and database "Clarivate" and the well-known medical media "E-drug manager" after four months of data screening, integration and analysis.
Novamab Biological announced the appointment of Ms. Huang Jing as the company's chief business officer
On September 13, 2022, Shanghai Luoqi Bio-pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. announced the appointment of Ms. Huang Jing as the company's chief business officer, mainly responsible for the brand strategy of Luoqi Bio-market, including business development, financing, government affairs docking, etc.
Good News I Luoqi Biology won the nomination award of "Star of the Future" in biomedicine
On September 7, under the leadership of the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission, the Bio-pharmaceutical Division of the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission, the Shanghai Bio-pharmaceutical Industry Promotion Center and Shanghai Zhangjiang (Group) Co., Ltd. undertook the first quarter of the "Bio-pharmaceutical Star of the Future" selection activity, and the results were officially announced.
Celebrate the official commencement of GMP production!
On August 22, 2022, Luoqi Biological GMP Workshop was officially put into operation! This day also marks that Rocky Biological has officially owned its own stock solution production line that meets GMP standards. Loki creatures have taken another big step towards higher and farther goals! Dr. Wan Yakun, the chairman and general manager of the company, together with all the staff, celebrated the official launch of Loqi Biological GMP and held a simple and solemn commencement ceremony.
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