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Shanghai Novamab Biology, the world's first inhaled nanobody enterprise, has completed a round B financing of more than 100 million yuan
On December 18,2023, Shanghai Novamab Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: "Company or Novamab") successfully completed completed a Series B financing of over 100 million CNY.
Good news I Luoqi Biological has obtained tens of millions of A+rounds of financing!
Following the announcement of the completion of the A round financing of 100 million yuan a few days ago, recently, Loqi Biotech announced the completion of the A+round financing of tens of millions of yuan again. This round of financing was led by the Hongyun Fund, a partnership between Huatai Zijin and Alibaba Health. Daoyuan Capital co-invested, and Haoyue Capital continued to serve as the exclusive financial adviser.
Good news I Luoqi Biological has completed a round of financing of billion yuan!
Recently, Luoqi Biological announced to complete the A-round financing of billion yuan. This round of financing is led by Tianhui Capital, co-invested by Taiyu Investment and Fuhui Venture Capital, and Haoyue Capital serves as the exclusive financial adviser of this round of financing.
Good news I Rocky Biology has obtained the high-tech enterprise certificate!
Recently, Shanghai Luoqi Bio-pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the "high-tech enterprise certificate" jointly issued by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Finance and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Taxation of the State Administration of Taxation.
Good news - Luoqi Biology won two honors!
On November 2-3, the 2020 BPID Bio-pharmaceutical Industry Development Conference and the Star Show Awards Ceremony hosted by Medical Media was held in Suzhou.
We will work together and forge ahead - the third anniversary of the founding of Loki Biology!
The cool autumn wind brought good news, and the rings of time left a glorious mark behind us. On October 16, 2020, Rocky Biological ushered in its third birthday! With the joint efforts of all colleagues, Luoqi Biology has successfully passed through three years. Here, thank everyone in Loki for their efforts! We are in the same boat. Thank you!
[Good News] Luoqi Biological won the recognition of high-tech enterprises in Shanghai!
Recently, after preliminary research, audit evaluation, submission of materials and other necessary links, our company successfully passed the audit and became the first batch of high-tech enterprises to be recognized in Shanghai in 2020!
Shanghai Luoqi Bio-pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully approved for the warehousing and cultivation of Shanghai high-tech enterprises in 2019
On November 28, 2019, Shanghai Luoqi Bio-pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. performed well in enterprise operation, research and development management, intellectual property rights, talent introduction and other aspects after being reviewed and recognized by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and was successfully approved for the warehousing and cultivation of high-tech enterprises in Shanghai in 2019.
The joint research results of Shanghai Luoqi Biology and Peking University Cancer Hospital in nuclear medicine were published online in the international journal BIOCONJUGATE CHEMISTRY
On October 16, 2019, Shanghai Luoqi Biology and Professor Yang Zhi of the Department of Nuclear Medicine of Peking University Cancer Hospital cooperated to publish a research paper entitled "Construction of anti-hPD-L1 HCAb Nb6 and in situ 124I labeling for noninvasive detection of PD-L1 expression in human bone sarcoma" in BIOCONJUGATE CHEMISTRY, and invited to publish it as a cover article.
Good news - Luoqi Biology won special funds for key technology start-ups
On November 14, 2019, after the review of the Shanghai Pudong New Area Science and Technology and Economic Commission, Luoqi Biology performed well in terms of enterprise operation, R&D investment, intellectual property, talent introduction and venture capital acquisition in the previous year, and won the special fund for key technology entrepreneurship enterprises in Pudong New Area science and technology development.
Publication of research and development results of industrialized new PD-1 nanoantibody drug expressed by Pichia pastoris
In October 2019, the latest research result of Shanghai Luoqi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., "Blocking the PD-1-PD-L1 axis by a novel PD-1specific Nanobody expressed in year as a potential thermal forever", was published in the journal of Biological and Biophysical Research Communications under ELSEVIER.
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