Business cooperation

Looking forward to
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Joint research and development

Novamab and its customers jointly participate in the project design, take charge of the project implementation and promotion in their respective fields of expertise, jointly undertake the development risks, jointly undertake the project funds, and share the intellectual property rights and benefits.

Novamab is looking forward to carrying out joint development and cooperation with its partners in the fields of preclinical, CMC development, clinical application, clinical promotion, commercialized cooperation and other stages for the innovative development platform and original products of nanoantibodies. The two partners complement each other in terms of technology, platform, funds and resources, and work together to speed up the research and development of candidate molecules, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Novamab looks forward to developing with companies, units and institutions such as biomedical enterprises, biotechnology companies, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, and hospital departments to create the future together.