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Product Authorization

Novamab cooperates with pharmaceutical enterprise customers for products with relatively complete development content, and transfers the development rights and interests agreed in the development project to the customer. Novamab obtains the corresponding amount and profit proportion of the cooperation mode according to the relevant progress (milestones) achieved by the customer, and the intellectual property rights belong to both parties according to the contract.

Novamab intends to carry out authorized cooperation with its partners in various stages of drug research for self-developed products. The cooperation can take place in preclinical stage (such as target screening stage, screening and activity identification stage of candidate molecules, process development stage of candidate molecules, drug efficacy and toxicological verification stage of candidate molecules, etc.), clinical stage (new drug clinical research application (IND), clinical research I, II Phase III, etc.) to the commercialization stage (new drug listing application (NDA), commercial sales), involving application fields including but not limited to antibody drugs, ADC, Car-T, molecular imaging, affinity fillers, etc., and cooperation methods including licensing of products or interests in specific regions, development fields, etc., and buyout transactions of products or interests.

Novamab expects to achieve resource integration and complementary advantages through multi-form, multi-directional and multi-link licensing cooperation with all partners, and accelerate the promotion of cooperation projects and products.