Committed to the development
of innovative single domain antibody drugs

About novamab
Committed to becoming the world's leading R&D enterprise of innovative single domain antibody drugs

Shanghai Novamab Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., located in Zhoupu International Medical Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of innovative sdAb drugs.

With a solid foundation in sdAb research and development for more than 10 years, Novamab has established the first and only sdAb development platform covering the full biopharmaceutical process in China. The philosophy of Novamab is "to build itself into a global leading Bio-Tech enterprise focusing on respiratory and autoimmune diseases, aiming to bring safer, more effective and more convenient therapeutic drugs to the patients all over the world.

Novamab was founded in October 2017. At present, it has more than 90 employees and has built a research and development and production base of more than 7500 square meters and a camel breeding base. Novamab has independently created five core technology platforms: sdAb rapid screening platform, Pichia pastoris based CMC platform, biologcial drug inhalation platform, long-acting sdAb platform and bispecific sdAb platform. Each platform has unique leading technology, which makes it more competitive.The powerful paltform make it possible to rapidly bring the candidates to commercialization. The completion of the 500L GMP workshop for sdAb production using Pichia pastoris fills the industry gap in this field, which is extremely scarce and competitive.

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Number of employees
R&D and production base and camel breeding base
GMP workshop for sdAb production using Pichia pastoris
About Novamab
Develop life-changing therapeutic drugs for patients through innovative sdAb research to make treatment more convenient and effective
Antibody from camel starts a healthy future
About Novamab
Company philosophy

The company concept can be started from the company name. The word nova in Novamab comes from Latin, meaning new, meaning "new". Mab is the abbreviation of monoclonal antibody, so Novamab means new antibody, while the development of sdAb has only been more than 20 years, and it is also a new antibody in the field of antibody research and development, so the two correspond to each other.

The "Y" shape in the company's icon represents the structural shape of the sdAb that lacks the light chain, and echoes with the sdAb again; In addition, the circular part of the icon is similar to a shield, indicating our desire and determination to defend human health, while the stars symbolize our good expectations for sdAb and ourselves. We hope that camel (camel and Luo) antibody (nano-antibody) can become a new star in the field of antibody medicine and start human future health.

About Novamab
Dr. Yakun Wan
Founder, Chairman and CEO

Dr. Yakun Wan is the founder of Shanghai sdAb Bio-pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. and the current CEO of the company. He once served as a researcher and doctoral supervisor at the Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a professor at Southeast University. At the same time, he also served as the director of Jiangsu Nanoantibody Engineering Technology Research and Development Center. He has successively engaged in post-doctoral research at the University of Texas at Austin, Baylor College of Medicine and the American Institute of Systems Biology, and served as a researcher at the American Institute of Systems Biology.

Dr. Wan has been committed to the research of sdAb for 17 years, has extremely rich experience in sdAb projects, and enjoys a high reputation and popularity in the field of sdAb. He has been selected in the "Hundred Talents Plan" of the Shanghai Institute of Medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences, won the six talent peak plans of Jiangsu Province, the "High-level Creative Talents Plan" of the Ministry of Education, and the "New Century Excellent Talents" "Outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship talents in Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in 2021" and other honorary titles. Novamab was selected as one of the top 50 most innovative pharmaceutical enterprises in China in 2020 and the top 100 pharmaceutical innovative seed enterprises in China in 2022.

In the field of scientific research, Dr. Wan has published more than 70 scientific research papers in recent years, including more than 50 SCI academic papers as the first author and corresponding author, and published research results on the regulation of chromatin structure by nuclear porin in the top international academic journal Cell, which provides scientific basis and research basis for human exploration of cell aging and related diseases. In recent years, Dr. Wan has applied for 115 invention patents at home and abroad, of which 39 have been authorized. At the same time, as the project leader, he has undertaken a number of key projects in Shanghai and the National Natural Science Foundation, such as the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, the Shanghai Intellectual Property Office Patent Navigation Project, the Shanghai Biomedical Science and Technology Support Project, the Shanghai Patent Work Pilot, and the National Natural Science Foundation General Project.

In the field of new drug research and development, Dr. Wan has set up China's first sdAb research and development team, and has successfully cooperated with many well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad. Many of the cooperative products have been promoted to different stages of clinical research, with excellent clinical performance. With a complete R&D, pilot test and GMP production system, Novamab is the only company in China that has the ability to develop the whole process of sdAb. In addition, the production of sdAb 500L Pichia pastoris GMP pilot production workshop fills the industry gap in this field, which is extremely scarce and competitive. Dr. Wan have led the team to develop the world's first inhaled nanobody drugs LQ036 and LQ043H, which target IL-4R and TSLP. These two clinical projects will cover all patients with moderate to severe asthma. They are administered locally through inhalation and have fast onset of effect and low toxicity. Now, inhaled IL-4R and TSLP has completed clinical phase I studies respectively, which showed great safety and tolerability.