Technical platform

Rapidly bring the
candidates to commercialization

Technical platform
single domain antibody

sdAb (Nb) is a single-domain antibody containing only VHH domain. Because the VHH crystal has a diameter of 2.5 nm, a length of 4 nm and a molecular weight of only about 15 kDa, which is one tenth of the traditional antibody, it is called Nano body. In 1989, Belgian scientists first discovered Nanobodies in camel blood. With the multiple advantages of small size and easy design, Nanobodies are gradually being regarded as a substitute for traditional monoclonal antibodies for clinical treatment and other applications. They are not only alternatives, but their unique functional characteristics have expanded the application of biotherapy and changed the mode of disease treatment, with huge market potential.

(VHH:variable domain of the heavy chain of heavy-chain antibody)

Technical platform
Five core technology platforms for single domain antibody drug development
Novamab has independently created five core technology platforms: sdAb rapid screening platform, Pichia pastoris based CMC platform, biologcial drug inhalation platform, long-acting sdAb platform and bispecific sdAb platform. Each platform has unique leading technology, which makes it more competitive.The powerful paltform make it possible to rapidly bring the candidates to commercialization. The completion of the 500L GMP workshop for sdAb production using Pichia pastoris fills the industry gap in this field, which is extremely scarce and competitive.