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Novamab Announced Presentation of Encouraging Clinical Data for LQ036 at ATS 2023 International Conference


Novamab Announced Presentation of Encouraging Clinical Data for LQ036 at ATS 2023 International Conference

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This year’s European Respiratory Society International Conference (ERS), the world's largest and most influential conference on respiratory diseases, was held in Milan, Italy on September 9-13. Novamab announced oral presentation of the clinical results for LQ036, which aroused great interests of several MNCs. LQ036 is the first inhalable IL-4Rα neutralizing single domain antibody independently developed by Novamab.


The Phase I clinical study data of LQ036 showed that both single and multiple doses of LQ036 were well tolerated in healthy subjects, and no drug induced immunogenicity caused was observed. There were no reports of serious or severe adverse events. The pharmacodynamic biomarker analysis in Phase I clinical studies in China preliminarily showed that LQ036 has excellent therapeutic potential. Recently, LQ036's new IND application for COPD has been approved by CDE, which is expected to bring significant clinical benefits to patients with type2 moderate to severe COPD.


About 2023 ERS

ERS is an international organization that brings together doctors, healthcare professionals, scientists, and other respiratory medical experts from over 160 countries worldwide. Its mission is to promote lung health, alleviate disease pain, and promote the development of respiratory medical standards worldwide. The ERS Conference is the world's largest academic conference on respiratory medicine, where professionals from various fields of respiratory medicine gather from around the world to showcase and discuss the latest


About LQ036

LQ036 showed excellent activity in preclinical studies, with a 5-fold  and 10-fold increase in activity compared to Dupilumab and AZD1402/PRS060  respectively.

LQ036 is produced by Pichia pastoris, which could significantly shortens the production cycle compared to conventional monoclonal antibodies. And the high yieldcan reduce production costs by about 90%, greatly enhancing the competitiveness of the product. It has a huge competitive advantage in product commercialization promotion and drug penetration rate improvement.

About Novamab

S Novamab is an innovative Biotech dedicated to the research and industrialization of Nanobody drugs. The company was found in October 2017 and is located in the Shanghai International Medical Park. It has established a comprehensive  R&D, CMC, and pilot production platform, and is currently the only company in China with the ability to develop Nanobody drug throughout the entire process. As of August 2023, we have nearly 90 employees, applied for nearly 80 patents, and obtained 25 authorizations.

Novamab has independently created five core technology platforms based on Nanobody: rapid Nanobody screening platform, Pichia pastoris CMC process development platform, inhaled biologics  R&D platform, long-acting Nanobody platform, and bi/tri-specific Nanobody platform. Each platform has unique technological leadership and obvious industry competitive advantages, which can quickly promote the discovery and industrialization of Nanobody drugs.

In addition, Novamab has built a 500 L Pichia pastoris Nanobody GMP pilot production workshop, filling the industry gap in this field in China, which is highly scarce and competitive. Novamab has developed dozens of Nanobody drugs across multiple therapeutic areas, including respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and oncology.. Currently, it has obtained three clinical approvals. In the future, Novamab will further accelerate  its clinical development, hoping to bring more treatment options to patients as soon as possible