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LQ036, independently developed by Novamab, is an inhaled Nanobody drug targeting IL-4Ra, which is used to treat moderate and severe asthma. This product demonstrated better activity than other IL-4Ra blockades. Given LQ036 was delivered directly to the lungs by inhalation, it could take effect quickly. Compared with conventional administration of drugs, inhalation route offers LQ036 the advantage of avoiding the first-pass effect of liver and causing minimal side effecgts. LQ036 had good stability and could be stored at normal temperature for 2 years, making it convenient for transportation and carrying. At the same time, LQ036 is produced by Pichia pastoris fermentation, and the lower production cost lays a significant advantage for its commercial promotion. In summary, LQ036 would be hopeful to be approved as the world's first inhaled IL-4Ra Nanobody for asthma treatment,and benefit more patients with more to severe asthma.

Strong activity

Good stability

High pulmonary drug concentrations

Minimal systemic adverse effects

Produced by Pichia pastoris at high yield, lower cost

Mechanism of Action

LQ036 is an IL-4Ra antagonist, which could effectively block the signal pathway mediated by IL-4/IL13. And targeting the IL-4/IL-13 casecade could regulate function of immune system, including inhibiting the differentiation of Th2 cells, alleviating respiratory allergic reaction and IgE synthesis, so as to achieve the effect of relieving asthma, atopic dermatitis and other diseases.


Moderate and severe asthma、COPD

Means of adminstration


Product stage

Phase I clinical study of LQ036 was conducted in Australia and China at the same time. At present, the single ascending dose Phase Ia clinical study in healthy subjects has completed in Austrilian, showing good safety and tolerance. Otherwise, the phase I trial in China is under investigation. The IND application for COPD is planed to be submitted soon.